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Never stop connecting.

Never stop learning.

Never stop doing better for all with each other.

Never stop talking to change the world.

"The conversation is the relationship." ~ Susan Scott


Mae Lin is a talker. She does not want to not be a talker. Why should she? She loves it. Voicing her dreams, interests and passion is what led her to work in her dream job. It has been the corner stone of her leadership in inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility discussions and the realization that one of the reasons many organizations are not able to change is because people are not talking and engaging in the "hard topics" with each other. Silence is a barrier. That was when Mae Lin realized that she needed to help others start talking. Relationships start with a conversation.   


Never Stop Talking is an approach to making change happen in a way that celebrates and values our human distinctions with honesty, kindness and empathy, and with an awareness that our distinctions (even talking too much!) can be our greatest strengths and gifts.  


If we are going to live and be our dreams and create a better world, we need  to embrace change and all its complexities without alienating ourselves from one another, we need to start talking. Meaningful, honest, real talk. 




"Mae Lin not only shares her passion, but also her experience with those she works with. I always felt and still feel valued, cared for and safe when I engage with this leader. "


Dr. Thomas RaShad Easley

Certified Diversity Professional
Founder, Mind Heart for Diversity, LLC

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“When describing Mae Lin, words like elegant and eloquent…articulate and passionate…motivating educator and relationship cultivator…dedicated to changing hearts and minds come to mind.  These traits and skills are welcoming and transformative, and so needed in organizations today.  She’s one in a million.”

Mary Tunstall Staton, MBA

Staton Financial Advisors, CEO (Retired)

Charlotte (NC) Garden Club (Est. 1926), Current President


Longwood Gardens

Mae Lin speaks from the heart and her words are powerful. We invited her as a panelist for our conference in the field of landscape architecture. Her insights and presentation style set the tone for the rest of our two-day event, and she set the example for how to approach difficult topics with great care.  Participants found her words to be truly inspiring; she would be an excellent addition to any program.

Sandra Nam Cioffi, PLA, ASLA

Principal, Ink Landscape Architects, PLLC

Denver Botanic Garden
Mesa Verde National Park


Mae Lin Plummer

Mae Lin is an adventurer, a story teller, a connector, and a passionate advocate of the plant world, plant people and plant places. And she is a talker. Instead of trying to stifle her love of speaking and connecting with others, she decided to lean into "talking too much” and channel it in a way to facilitate a deeper connection with ourselves and each other to make change happen, while ever learning to be a better listener and change leader.

Mae Lin created Never Stop Talking Associates to promote and facilitate real and authentic conversations about difficult topics to help build humanizing relationships that celebrate the diversity of lived experiences. Never Stop Talking is also a platform to share the knowledge and wisdom of her travels to plant places and conversations with plant people to elevate the diversity of their voices, experiences, and dreams. 


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Photo by Ellen Yale



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